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All ground braking and important news

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16/03/02 :- LFF Command Domain to expire :- Unfortunately after 2long years of being at this location the contract for this domain will expire on the 25th March 2002, Due to this the site will have to be temporally moved to a different location until we are able to get funding for a renewed contract. If anybody has any suggestions or ideas please let me know or I may have to start banner advertising. :- LFFPicard

12/01/02 :- Another long awaited update :- Well sorry for delay but updates have been made, A complete run through on all pages, less mistakes I hope, Also downloads and members area all updated, but low on battle pictures so send them in, Also some new games added to the Fleet, Counter-Strike and Ultima Online.

26/08/01 :- Long awaited update :- As you can see it has been awhile since the last update, I do apologize but... I am getting a new PC witch will run anything available for the next few years and hopefully getting ADSL.. and will have more time and money now with a new job. :- LFFPicard

26/02/01 :- LFF Restructuring :- After a long silence and a quick decision the LFF are now going to restructure and rebuild our forces and re-deploy our military to different zones.. One of these zones will include Planetarion. More news to follow shortly :- LFFPicard   

25/10/2000 :- LFF Drayton has resigned :- He will be missed, good luck to whatever you do Drayton :- LFFPicard

18/10/2000 :- Marvy has gone idle and I have taken over the site. So as the longest serving and probably the remaining Command Staff member, I am resetting all diplomatic relations and member status. so everyone will have to rejoin Sorry! :- LFFPicard