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The LFF Charter at Present.

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FLEET CHARTER :- 24/10/2000

Over the times and different leaders the Charter has changed, but the same principles where still there.

We aim to bring enjoyment and a touch of Star Trek atmosphere to our member, by declaring wars or making peace and we play a multitude of the Star Trek games and we also play Planetarion which is a space combat web based game which we all enjoy and play as the LFF.

Most of the leaders form the past upheld the charter and most where respected, but we have had one or two leaders or power hungry figures in our fleet.

The LFF has shared power through the command staff, each month or 5weeks there will be an election to decide a new command staff which will bring fresh life and new ideas into the fleet, the members make up the fleet so all comments and suggestions are welcome.

We hope you enjoy your stay at our site, and please feel free to drop us a line via the board. or e.mail any member of the Command Staff, There e.mails can be found in the members section, with everyone else's information.

The LFF welcomes you.